Committed to finding treatments that demonstrably extend human lifespan by 2030

About the Longevity
Research Institute

We are a nonprofit founded in 2018, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of aging research.

What We Do

There are more than 50 compounds and treatments that have been reported to extend lifespan in mammals, and dozens more that seem to prevent the diseases of aging — yet few of these studies have received independent follow-up or replication.

We’re designing and funding animal lifespan studies to test the anti-aging effects of compounds that have already shown promising results. We’ll accelerate translational aging science by giving exceptional researchers the resources they need to expand their work.

Our Focus

Searching for drugs that extend healthy life in mammals.

Our Plan

Independently confirming anti-aging success stories.


Designing rodent experiments with predictive power.

Our Transparency

Sharing our data with the public.

Latest News

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July 19

Tryptophan-Kynurenine Metabolism and Neurological Approaches to Aging Therapeutics

July 10

Experimental Design for Carboxyfullerene Study

June 08

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