Committed to finding treatments that demonstrably extend human lifespan by 2030

About the Lifespan
Research Institute

We’re a research nonprofit dedicated to accelerating translational science in the biology of aging.

What We Do

We fund and coordinate research, testing drugs to see which extend life and health in animals, with the goal of finding good candidate anti-aging therapies for testing in humans.

We’re accelerating aging science by giving exceptional researchers the resources they need to expand their work.

The Problem

Age-related diseases are mostly incurable -- but they might be preventable.

Step 1

Replicate the biggest anti-aging effects in mice.

Step 2

Test thousands of new drugs in invertebrates using machine learning.

Step 3

Test combinations of the best drugs in mice.

Latest News

October 14

Interim Update on Carboxyfullerenes: Significant Survival Improvement

September 05

Interim Results 2 for Epitalon Study

August 07

N-Acetylserotonin Study: Now Fundraising

January 25

Melatonin's Effect on Skin and Hair

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