The Road to Victory

Our Roadmap

Over the next five years, we plan to design, fund, and launch animal lifespan studies for the most promising longevity interventions. Here’s how we’ll do that — and where your donations will go


Long Term Studies

A mouse lifespan study, with 50 mice in the treatment group and 50 control mice, would cost roughly $200,000-500,000 depending on the additional tests we’d run (blood work, activity levels and cognitive tests, biopsies, etc.)

Short Term Studies

A short-term mouse study, such as administering a drug to aged mice for a few months and testing them for measures of strength, endurance, cognitive function, metabolic parameters, or aging-related disease, would cost an estimated $50,000.


Publication and presentation costs (including journal submission costs, conference travel and posters, and writing/editing/statistical analysis where relevant) would be a few thousand dollars per experiment.

General Costs

Operating costs for the nonprofit include lawyers, accountants, incorporation fees, a website, and salaries.

2018 Timeline


  • Incorporate nonprofit ($4000 in legal and incorporation fees)

  • Set up website ( $2300 for professional design)

  • Initial Fundraising

  • Contact researchers and investigate opportunities to fund experiments


  • Launch two mouse lifespan studies with CROs ($500,000-1,000,000)

  • Publicize study launch

  • Continue initial fundraising push

  • 3-month preliminary tests for aging symptoms & biomarkers


  • Contact researchers and launch two more short-term mouse studies for additional compounds ($100,000)

  • Receive and analyze 3-month study results; prepare and submit for publication if noteworthy


  • Publicize interim results and study launches

  • If promising, continue these as lifespan studies ($500,000-1,000,000)

  • Launch two more short-term mouse studies ($100,000)

  • Publicize interim results and study launches

Total Costs in 2018

Costs research


$700,000 - 2,200,000

Costs publication

Publication and Presentation


Costs administrative

Nonprofit Formation and Administrative


Costs salary




$865,000 - $2,372,000

Working Toward Human Trials

If we find a treatment that succeeds in animals, we could begin human experiments.

The first mouse lifespan studies could show results as early as 2020.

The next step from there would be a human safety study, followed by a controlled longitudinal all-cause mortality study in elderly subjects. Within 6-10 years, we’d have early evidence on whether the treatment reduces mortality or the incidence of age-related disease.

In the best case, this could result in a strong candidate treatment by 2030

Five Year Timeline


2-4 mouse lifespan studies launched, 4 interim studies completed

Projected Costs: $2M


2-4 mouse lifespan studies launched, 8 interim studies completed

Projected costs: $2M


2-4 mouse lifespan studies launched, 8 interim studies completed

Projected costs: $2M


2-4 mouse lifespan studies launched, 8 interim studies completed, 2lifespan studies completed, human safety trial(s) launched

Projected costs: $6M


2-4 lifespan studies completed, human mortality study launched

Projected costs: ?

LRI's Activities

Evaluating funding opportunities

    • Literature Review
    • Meeting with Scientists
    • Finding collaborators and partners for studies

Participating in the research process

    • Collaborating with scientists and CROs on experimental design
    • Analyzing our experimental data or third-party data (e.g. drug screening or metabolic datasets)
    • Authoring papers where relevant

Publicizing our work

    • Writing blog posts, press releases, newsletters
    • Going to aging-related conferencess
    • Interviews & news articles


    • Reaching out to individual donors in our network
    • Fundraising drives


    • Consulting with lawyers
    • Taxes
    • Accounting
    • Transparency & financial documentation
    • Board meetings