Planning for the Next Five Years and Beyond

Our Roadmap

Over the next five years, we plan to design, fund, and launch animal lifespan studies for the most promising longevity interventions. Here’s how we’ll do that — and where your donations will go

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Mouse Lifespan Studies

7 Drugs

2-4 Years

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Worm Lifespan Study

6,000 Drugs

1 Years

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15 Most Successful Drugs

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Mouse Combination Study

15 Drugs

2-4 Years

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15 Most Successful Drug Cocktail

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Human Studies


Individual Mouse Lifespan Studies

A mouse lifespan study, with 50 mice in the treatment group and 50 control mice, costs roughly $200,000-500,000 USD depending on the additional tests being run (blood work, activity levels and cognitive tests, biopsies, etc.)

Invertebrate Drug Screens

Building an invertebrate drug screening platform and operating it for a year, with a goal of testing 6000 compounds, will cost an estimated $2 million USD, with expenses going to salaries for a small team of biologists and engineers, laboratory rent, equipment, and reagents.

Drug Combination Mouse Lifespan Study

Testing the 15 most promising compounds and their combinations on mice would cost an estimated $1.25 million USD, with costs going to facilities and husbandry for 500 mice as well as drugs and reagents, and specialized testing services such as behavioral/motor testing, immunostaining, and autopsies.

General Costs

Operational expenses for LRI include salaries for full-time staff, professional services (such as legal, accounting, and marketing), travel, office rent, and fees associated with conferences and publications.

Five Year Timeline


 Launch 2-4 mouse lifespan replication studies 

Projected Costs: $1.5M USD


  1. Launch 2-4 mouse lifespan replication studies 
  2. hire team & set up lab for invertebrate drug screen
  3. screen initial drug library

Projected Costs: $3.5 M USD


  1. Launch 1-2 mouse lifespan replication studies 
  2. begin analyzing & publishing results from the first invertebrate lifespan screens
  3. continue improving & validating invertebrate results

Projected Costs: $2.5M USD


  1. Complete and publish 2-4 mouse lifespan replication studies
  2. begin mouse drug combinations lifespan study with best-performing 15 drugs from invertebrate screen and/or lifespan studies
  3. continue invertebrate screens

Projected Costs: $3.5M USD


  1. Complete and publish 2-4 mouse lifespan replication studies
  2. Continue invertebrate experiments

Projected costs: $2M USD

Our Activities

Evaluating funding opportunities

    • Literature review
    • Meeting with scientists
    • Finding collaborators and partners for studies

Participating in the research process

    • Collaborating with scientists and CROs on experimental design
    • Analyzing our experimental data or third-party data (e.g. drug screening or metabolic datasets)
    • Authoring papers where relevant

Publicizing our work

    • Writing blog posts, press releases, newsletters
    • Going to aging-related conferencess
    • Interviews & news articles
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Where Donations Go


Lifespan Studies


Salaries, Benefits, and Payroll Taxes


Other Operational Expenses (Legal, Marketing, Web Design, Rent, Travel, etc)