Interim Results for Epitalon Study

By Sarah Constantin

We have intermediate results for the first 6 months of our epitalon mouse lifespan study, which we’re presenting here. (Big thanks to our partners Ichor Therapeutics for making this possible.)

While the study is not complete, there does appear to be a difference between the treatment and control groups regarding lifespan thus far, as well as some of the other metrics of motor function.

Since this study is investigator-blinded, the two treatment arms are labeled Lifespan A and Lifespan B. However, the longer-lived lifespan arm (Lifespan B) is comparable to, not superior to, historical survival data for C57BL/6 mice, while the shorter-liived arm (Lifespan B) is shorter than historical survival data, which means that there’s reason to be concerned that epitalon shortens, rather than lengthening, lifespan. Moreover, Lifespan B appears to be superior or equal to Lifespan A in all motor tests, so far, which is consistent with the hypothesis that the Lifespan A condition is non-beneficial.

However, this is still a highly preliminary guess. More than 70% of the mice in both groups are still alive; the identity of each group is still blinded; and thus we’ll have to wait for the completion of the study to get conclusive answers.

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