Interim Results 2 for Epitalon Study

By Sarah Constantin

We now have 12-month data on our first mouse lifespan experiment, on the pineal-derived peptide Epitalon. As always, we’ve uploaded the files to the experiment’s OSF project. Big thanks to our partners at Ichor Therapeutics!

As you can see, we’ve reached the 50% survival point, and there’s no significant difference between the treatment and control groups (which are still labeled A and B; since this is a blinded experiment, we don’t know which is which.)

Of course, there could still be an effect on maximal lifespan; we’ll have to wait and see if the compound makes a difference there.

In terms of motor performance (a battery of tests for the mice’s strength and endurance, which decline with age in mice as well as humans) we see no significant difference on the latest measurements in three out of four tests; the horizontal bar test (which measures coordination) continued to show significantly better mean performance for Group B than Group A.

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