Pilot Study on Epithalamin

By Sarah Constantin

In collaboration with Ichor Therapeutics, we've launched a new pilot study, in order to devise extraction and quality control methods of the bovine pineal gland extract epithalamin, as described in Dilman et al.[1]

In mouse and rat studies, epithalamin showed even larger effects on lifespan than the synthetic peptide epitalon, as well as increasing pineal synthesis of serotonin, N-acetylserotonin, and melatonin, so it seems worth running lifespan studies for epithalamin as well as epitalon, once appropriate manufacturing protocols for epithalamin can be devised.


[1]Dilman, V. M., et al. "Increase in lifespan of rats following polypeptide pineal extract treatment." Experimentelle Pathologie 17.9 (1979): 539-545.