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Our Mission

There are more than 50 compounds and treatments that have been reported to extend lifespan in mammals, and dozens more that seem to prevent the diseases of aging — yet few of these studies have received independent follow-up or replication.

If we could find a healthspan-expanding treatment for humans, it would prevent years of severe illness for billions of people.

We think it’s possible to slow aging

The leading causes of death worldwide -- heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s — are diseases of aging. Yet there’s much more research into treating these diseases than preventing them.

Evidence from animals, from nematode worms to naked mole rats, tells us that the rate of aging is highly malleable. There are many genetic mutations and treatments that can make animals live longer and delay the onset of cancer, neurodegeneration, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and frailty.sds

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Europe Dementia Rates
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Sarah Constantin

Executive Director

Sarah Constantin is a mathematician-turned-data scientist who has been applying machine learning to a variety of problems: self-driving trucks at Starsky Robotics, drug discovery at Recursion Pharmaceuticals, and cybersecurity at Palantir Technologies. Prior to that, she earned her PhD from Yale, researching manifold learning with applications to biochemical networks. She also led the research team at MetaMed, a personalized medicine startup.


Joe betts

Joe Betts-Lacroix

Joe is the CTO and co-founder of Vium. Previously, Joe was the primary technical founder of hardware/software startup OQO - which entered the Guinness Book of World Records for building the smallest full-featured PC. His experience spans from biotech research to electronics design. Very experienced in invention, prosecution and monetization of intellectual property, he has over 80 patents granted and pending in fields ranging from biophysics and safety systems to antennas, thermal systems, user interfaces and analog electronics. He has written numerous peer-reviewed publications in fields such as biophysics, genetics, electronics and robotics. Joe holds a Harvard A.B., MIT S.M. and Caltech research fellowship.

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